"W-W-Welcome to the Drag-g-gon's Den! I'm cal-l-l-led Dratini. Feel f-f-free to ask me any quest-t-tions you may have!"

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"Hurry it up, will you? We don't have all day for you to think of something."
Another Wild OOC Post Appears


Ahem, Dratini Mod is flying out to New York tonight to participate in a Model United Nations conference in the coming week.  So!  Ask Dratini is most likely going to be on another little hiatus.  She’s hoping she can be more active come Spring Quarter, since she has only one class on Tuesday.  And!  She was thinking about streaming soon since she got a new headset and wants to test it out.

: >

She was hoping to have built up a queue before leaving, but laziness settled in along with needing to work on things to bring to the conference.

Anyway!  Before this gets too long, see you all in maybe two weeks?  Dratini Mod - out ~

Dratini: Heehee ~  W-W-Welcome!  I’ve never seen a Poke-kemon like you b-before.  I ha-have some t-t-tea ready!  W-W-Would you like s-s-some?

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A Wild OOC Post Appears!

…so.  Dratini Mod completely forgot about running Ask Dratini for a while; she ran off and joined Model United Nations instead and was super busy with that all quarter long.

Anyway!  It’s the end of the quarter and Dratini Mod suddenly remembered about Ask Dratini and decided to come back yay!  Dratini Mod noticed that she has some new messages sitting in the inbox, and will get to answering some of them before purging the entire thing of all old, unanswered messages (sorry!).  SO.  Yeah ~

TLDR; Hi, everyone ~  Sorry for being gone so long; Dratini’s back.  Let’s do this.

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Munday Questions! →


Gooood morning fellow ask bloggers.

Today, is Munday. I will start this fun day off with this super awesome, wonderful, fantastic list of Munday questions. Just drop the corresponding number in my ask box and I will answer if I have an answer!

1: Do you have a…

A Shiny Bravairy flies near you two

"I believe this is addressed to the Magenta one"

he presents a gift , then bows and flies away

inside was a message 

"i hope yopu like this sexy gift i sent ~ King Leafstorm

under the paper wrapped up was a dragon fang and 2 dozen dragon gems



"Magenta?!  Who’re you callin’ ‘magenta?!’  What’s that supposed to mean anyway?  Hey!"

Grumbling to himself, the shiny Dratini ambles over to the gift the bird-Pokemon left behind.  Dragon Gems and a Dragon Dragon Fang?  Wow—now that’s a gift he could definitely accept…until he read the note that was sitting with them.


Did this ‘King Leafstorm’ think him to be a female or something?  Well…he supposed it didn’t matter too much.  Though he ripped the note up immediately, he was also quick to gather all of the items up and begin looking for a place to keep them all.  The Dragon Fang, though, he decided he’d keep on his person.  It could come in handy when it came to dealing with unwanted visitors to the Den.

Silly Mod Posts

So, Dratini Mod is freaking out because, for Christmas, Dratini Mod’s mother got her a 3DS and Pokemon Y.  And Dratini Mod has been playing for hours and hours.  And, Dratini Mod decided to try Wonder Trade for the first time — putting up a Litleo she named Nala that had Pokerus.  She got a Mudkip with Pokerus that knew Avalanche in return.  The house is alive with the sounds of her screeches.

…she can be such a nerd sometimes.

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Ask-no151’s 1000 Follower/New Year’s Giveaway!


So I’m waay overdue for this 1000 follower giveaway, but I’m pretty sure I might not get drawings done if those were the prize. So what’s a good alternative to a drawing? How about a shiny that’s hella hard to get?

SO HERE’S WHAT’S GONNA GO DOWN, we’re gonna have 3 winners. First prize gets the shiny mew(or a choice of the other shinies or legendaries I have available. Second and third place gets a regular mew(or a choice of the other legendaries I’m willing to give away.

You don’t need to be following this blog! However, followers will have an extra entry in the drawing! As per usual, no giveaway blogs. If you want a chance to win, simply reblog. Likes do not count!!

This will end on JANUARY 2ND. You MUST have a copy of Black/White/Black 2/White 2 in order to enter!! Good luck to all of you! uvu

"My name is Gretel and I have something for you, I hope you like it."

((Note for mod: It is a scarf.))

"O-Oh!  He-Hello there, G-Gret-t-tel!  You ha-have so-someth-thing for me?"

With a bright smile, Dratini accepted the gift offered to her and carefully unwrapped it to reveal…a very warm and fluffy (and dare she say fashionable?) scarf.  Dratini’s eyes seemed to light up at the sight of it, rubbing her face in it.

"A-Ah!  I lo-love it!  Th-Thank you s-s-so much, G-Gret-tel!  I’ve nev-v-ver had a sc-sca-scarf before!  Th-This will defin-finitely keep me warm!  O-Oh!  Wh-Where are my man-n-ners?  W-Would you li-like some t-t-tea after c-coming all the w-w-way here to g-g-give me th-this?"

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(( Oh my gosh, you did what? :D

Eeeee, how cute!  Aha, thank you so much!  Now I have a Dratini in your super cute art style ~ ))

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Aha, tried doodling some Pokeask School AU! Dratini and Shiny Dratini in between writing papers for classes…and eventually gave up.  Refer to the more awesomely made icons an artist drew for me on the right instead.  Yay for bandwagons, ahahaha ~

Dratini, I imagine, would most definitely be an upperclassman — a senior, to be exact.  She doesn’t look nor act her age (especially with the way she stutters and gets flustered very easily), but she does have good grades.  I see her being the type to excel in the arts (music, painting, calligraphy — oooh, especially calligraphy, aha) and in humanities courses (like History) more than anything geared toward science.  She loves making things with her hands — sewing, painting, just general arts and crafts, and would probably love to help out (say) the Drama Club in their costumes and props.  Even in a school AU her love of tea would transfer over, and she would probably bring a thermos filled with a different tea to school everyday.  Her usual demeanor of being naive and easy to fool, as well as easy to approach, remains intact.

Shiny Dratini is just as foul-tempered and foul-mouthed as ever.  However, despite his otherwise terrible personality, he’s very studious and maintains an excellent grade point average.  He excels in the sciences (especially chemistry) and in mathematics, as they are right along the lines of his very logical and methodical mentality.  I see him as the kind of guy who would very much be into computers — how they work, how to build them, how to take them apart, coding, working with different programs and that kind of thing.  He’d probably be a teacher’s aide, running errands for them and whatnot because he’s the type of guy who would want to have a free period in his schedule to do whatever he wanted (he just says he’s running errands if anyone ever asks because chances are that he is — he’s just taking his sweet-ass time doing it).  Oh yeah, he’d also be a senior.

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